refreshing life

Welcome to our refreshing life website!

Who we are

We are dedicated Stress Management Practitioners counselling clients on understanding stress including the new science of stress, stress relief, managing and coping stress, chronic stress, trauma and PTSD.


Attitude - Attitudinal modulation, paradigm and paradigm shift.

Values - Identification, challenges, and evaluation.

Goals - Meaningful and purposeful goals, and life mapping.

Mindset - Mindset strategies. 

What we do

We take our time to listen to our clients and counsel and guide our clients into finding meaning and purpose in their lives by applying the three tenants of Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy

 Specialty subjects:

Emergency Care Stress Management - mitigating stress and burnout for emergency medicine doctors

Technostressology - Technostress; Techno-addiction; Techno-Psychotherapy