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1. Emergency Care Stress Management

An exciting new discipline has been researched based on the fact that physicians in emergency rooms who practice emergency medicine are presenting elevated risks of burnout. The emergency medicine physician experiences elevated stress levels leading to high risk burnout, depression, compassion fatigue, alcohol and substance abuse, and even suicide. Physicians are a precious commodity and need to be taken care of psychologically, physiologically, behaviourally and spiritually. Stress Less Clinic is has specially designed an Emergeny Care Stress Management intervention for emergency medicine doctors. This unique programme is built on observing the physician in his or environment, an interactive coaching or mentoring session then takes place. 

The Emergnecy Care Stress Management programme has shown to be succesful based measurment scales.

*More to follow.    

2. Technostressology

Technostressology, the study of technostress as a modern disease where people experience technological stress, eustress and distress when they cannot adapt to or cope with information technologies in a healthy manner including those persons whose interaction with technology is excessive, and threatens to absorb their attention above all else, and consequently has a negative impact on the well being of the user. This is reffered to as the behaviour of techno-adiction, and techno-psychotherapy the term used in the treatment or method for managing and coping with techno-stress and techno-addiction in Technostressology. 

* More to follow on this subject

3. Techological singularity incorporating Technostressology

The technological singularity is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintellegence (ASI) will abruptly trigger runaway techological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes in human civilzation.

Founder of the Stress Less Clinic, Sean D. Waters, has a special interest in futurism and believes that his discipline of Technosressology which encompasses a therapy, techno-psychotherapy, is an advanced relevant programme that can help people with understaning superintellegence.