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Emergency Care Stress Management

An exciting new discipline has been researched based on the fact that Doctors and Physicians in Emergency Rooms administering emergency medicine, are a precious commodity and that their well being is often overlooked. The ER Doctor/Physician experiences stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, depression as well as forms of alcohol,and substance abuse leading to addiction. These phenomenon's and conditions present as emotional/psychological, physiological and spiritual.






To assist the ER Doctors and Physicians, the Stress Less Clinic developed the discipline Emergency Care Stress


Management, for mitigating stress and burnout.

We will be updating this post as the project progresses.   

TechnostressologyTM: Techostress; Techno-addiction and Techno-Psychotherapy and their impact on our daily lives.

Thesis published.

TechnostressologyTM, the study of technostress as a modern disease where people experience technological stress eustress and distress when they cannot adapt to or cope with information technologies in a healthy manner including

including, those persons whose interaction with technology is excessive, and threatens to absorb their attention above all else, and consequently has a negative impact on the well being of the user referred to as the behavior of technology-addiction, and techno-psychotherapy the term used as a treatment or method for managing and coping with technostress and techno-addiction in TechnostressologyTM.